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Run your own School Website

Running a website on your own is not very difficult and anyone has knowledge of HTML can run website on your own less than 2000Rs per year (Assuming you already have Broadband and you have spare PC or Laptop ).Go through below Steps and choose your convienient methods to host your website.

Step1: Getting Domain Name

Domain name is the baby steps to run your website. Think through how your website name will be called? If you already had a few names check names are available in google domain name search   or Godaddy.

You can buy the domain name .org, .com as low as  ₹ 500/- per year and look out for offers purchasing multiple years.

Step2: Preparing Broadband

Call your existing Broadband provider and ask for static IP, normally they will charge ₹100 /- permonth. 

Step 3: Preparing Website

Connect your Old PC to your broadband via LAN and download apache http server and install it in your PC.

Copy your HTML files in to appache www/html folder and replace index.html to your home page.

access your local http://IP and see you are able to view your html files. if you are able to view it then you are successfully configured your local website. 

Step 4: Router Setup

Login in to your router page normally and go to port mapping section and add http mapping as source IP as blank and destination IP as your PC local IP and source port 80 and destination port as 80 and save and close.

Open any computer or mobile browser not connected with your Broad band and enter url as http://<static ip> and you will be able to view your web pages.

Step 5: Update DNS IP

Login to your DNS provide website with your account and navigate to Domain config section and see “A” record and update IP value as your Static IP. Once updated after few minutes access your domain name from your browser and you will be able to see your website working.

Next Step is enabling free https using Lets encrypt 


– Running your website in your PC is for testing purpose and it is not adviceable to run full production system in it. 

– Above steps are high-level and assuming someone have knowledge of computer and how website is working. 

If you need any help or support kindly contact via comments below.

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